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Real Hostel in Sapa for backpackers
 Real Hostel in Sapa for backpackers

Go Sapa Hostel - The real hostel in Sapa 


      We used to be backpackers, who love travel and photography. Just like you, we have been to many places with an overloaded backpack and a bulky camera. At the time, our priorities were staying in a hostel instead of in a hotel. Finding a hostel in the true sense of the word was not easy, especially in Vietnam, where the idea of a hostel was still very unfamiliar.

      From our experiences and desires when finding a place to stay, we decided to build Go Sapa Hostel. Hence, Go Sapa Hostel adds up the advantages and limits the unpleasantness that we used to meet with while travelling.

      If you are planning on exploring Sapa, trekking Fanxipang, taking pictures of a fanciful Sapa in the clouds, or learning the daily life of the local people—the Hmong, Yao… Then Go Spa Hostel is a place you should consider for your trip. There have been a lot of backpackers from all over the country who came and stayed at our hostel. They had stayed in many different hostels. Yet after leaving Go Sapa Hostel, they were always impressed with the cleanliness, conveniences, beautiful design, and modern style of our hostel.

      We hope that we can welcome you one day and we guarantee that your stay will be a pleasant one.


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Địa chỉ:   Số 25 Đường Thác Bạc - Thị trấn Sapa - Tỉnh Lào Cai


Address: No25 Thac Bac road - Sapa town - Laocai province - Vietnam 
Email: info@gosapahostel.com

Reception: +84 0214 387 1198

  Hotline: +84 9 3222 3244 - Website:www.gosapahostel.com

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